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Budget Plan

The Glen Fuels Budget Plan allows home heating oil customers to spread their bills evenly over 12 months.

This winter Glen Fuels wants you to enjoy a warm home all day, every day!

A warm home is of particular importance if you have babies or young children, a family member who is prone to ill health during the damp winter months, or an eldery loved one.

Over the past 30 years we have learned that home heating oil bills spike in September, December and March each year.

We have always sought to support our customers in any we can and the Glen Fuels Budget Plan helps you achieve your financial goals while availing of unmatched customer care and the highest grade home heating oil at an affordable price.


  • Peace of mind that your home heating oil has been paid for
  • The same amount leaves your bank every month on the same date
  • Year-round interest-free payments
  • Automatic payments
  • A great way to save money

What does the Budget Plan do?

By calculating how much you spend on home heating oil in a year and dividing this figure by 12 months, you allocate a set amount of money each month to cover your annual home heating bill.

When do I sign up?

The Glen Fuels Budget Plan runs from July 1st – 30th June each year. However, you are welcome to sign up at any time during the year. Your local depot will help you out.

When is the direct debit called? 

You instruct us to call the direct debit on either the 5th or 20th of each month. 

How do I get started?

Approval for a Glen Fuels Budget Plan account is subject to the Company's terms and conditions. Once you have been approved, we require a one-off industry-standard deposit. This can be paid in one of two flexible ways.

  1. Order a minimum value of €250 of home heating oil OR

  2. If you've still got enough oil in your tank, pay the €250 deposit by cash or card

How much do I pay each month?

Our finance department will work with you to determine the best package for you of either €75, €90 or €110 per month. You can increase or decrease your monthly payments depending on your fuel requirements - please notify us in writing. Glen Fuels may also write to your recommending an adjustment of your monthly package in response to market activity. If your monthly payment needs to be adjusted, Glen Fuels will advise you of this in writing.

Will I receive regular statements?

You will receive a quarterly e-statement that allows you to monitor your outstanding balance.  Please ensure to include your email address when completing the Glen Fuels Budget Plan application form.

Do I need to clear my balance?

Any debit balance on your Budget Plan must be fully cleared by 30th June each year.  If you have a credit balance, Glen Fuels will refund this to you, upon your request. The 12 month contract will automatically renew, unless Glen Fuels is notified in writing to terminate the agreement.

Can I cancel my Budget Plan?

You may cancel your Budget Plan at any stage by advising Glen Fuels and your bank, in writing, of your intention to do so. You will be required to pay any outstanding debit balance on your account. All credit balances will be refunded in full to you by Glen Fuels.

Are there any advantages to the Budget Plan?

  • This facility is a hugely popular option as it allows households to budget for other must-have or luxury items. 
  • The cost of heating your home is spread over 12 months, which eliminates bill spikes in September, December and March.
  • You know in advance how much you are spending on home heating oil.
  • The Budget Plan eliminates the need need to write cheques or rush to pay on time.

Start saving with Glen Fuels today for a warm home all day, every day: 

Please print page 2 of the application form and post the completed form to Glen Fuel Services Ltd., Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow. We will notify you in writing as soon as your application has been approved. If you have any queries, please contact your local depot at your earliest convenience.


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