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News » The Cliff Walk 2017-03-29

The Cliff Walk

The Cliff Walk is popular with families, dog walkers, tourists and fitness enthusiasts. The Bray 10km Cliff Run takes place this Saturday April 1st so if it's a leisurely stroll you're after, we advise you to go out in the morning/early afternoon.

This sold out event will start in Bray and runners will depart in six waves at 16.40, 16.50, 17.10, 17.20, 17.50 and 18.00.

What's to love about the Cliff Walk?

  1. Whether you depart from Bray or Greystones, the cliff walk is traffic free coastal pathway that offers you unobstructed views of the hills and Dublin Bay;
  2. The pathway itself is varied...the terrain is uneven so it's great for strengthening your balance, there are inclines and downhills, steps and secondary pathways;
  3. Wherever you finish up, Bray or Greystones, you are guaranteed great grub in any of the towns' cafes, bars or restaurants;
  4. Once fed and watered, you can make the return journey to your car/home by DART or on foot;
  5. If you happen to come across Lord Meath, be prepared for some friendly conversation.

The picture in this blog was taken a few days ago on Mother's Day.


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