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CASE STUDY: EcoTank Hot Water Heat Pump 

Vodafone Office Gym

Client Objective:

Vodafone in Sandyford, Co. Dublin offered gym facilities to its staff and required an efficient and cost effective water heating system for approximately 40 showers in the morning. The company was considering a gas fired system. Our engineering consultant recommended Glenergy’s hot water heat pump.

Solution: Glenergy’s Ecotank Hot Water Heat Pump

With two 300L units were installed to cater for the demand, these heat pumps draw heated air from a nearby server room to use in the heat pump process. This higher temperature air increases the COP of the units to 3.8, which is phenomenal. The cooled air from the heat pump is fed back to the server room to help the cooling system, which produces further savings.


  • Using the hot water heat pump over the gas system saved Vodafone 50% on their water heating bills for the gym.
  • The Vodafone staff are very impressed with the operation and performance of the system, particularly the ease of use and ability to control costs.
  • Greenhouse Gas emissions reduced by 1400kg/CO2 per annum approx.

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